Triumph Bonneville 2016 Range Preview (Video World Exclusive)

We take an exclusive look at the brand new 2016 Triumph Bonneville range.

Unveiled at the Bike Shed in London last week, Triumph wheeled out five new machines due for release in 2016.

The new base model will be called the Street Twin and features a new 900cc water-cooled engine which makes almost 20% more torque than the old air-cooled unit.

Next up was the T120 (replacing the current T100) and the T120 Black. Both models use a brand new 1200cc engine with bucket-loads of torque and a soundtrack to die for. All the new machines have ABS and Traction Control but the T120s also have rider modes to fine tune power delivery and throttle response for different riding conditions.

Our favourite new bikes were the Thruxton and Thruxton R, using a modified version of the Bonnie's new 1200cc engine, the Thruxtons have different cams, a lighter crankshaft and a higher compression ratio making the engines much more response and faster revving. The Thruxtons don't have the heated grips you get on the T120 models but you do get an extra 'Sport' riding mode and styling that's almost impossible to dislike.

Triumph, we salute you!