Confederate P51 Combat Fighter unveiled


Confederate Motorcycles has just unveiled the second generation model of its P51 Combat Fighter.

Inspired by the ‘1960’s rebel, anti-hero, and the stripped, raw chopper,’ the new P51 features a new chassis built entirely out of aerospace billet aluminium.

Powered by a 2163cc air and oil cooled V-twin, Confederate claims the Fighter makes over 200hp and 170 ft.lbs of torque through its five-speed overdrive gearbox.

H. Matthew Chambers, founder of Confederate, explained to AskMen: ‘Not only is the new Fighter a torque monster, but it’s also an heirloom piece. Leave it to your descendants; as long as the bearings, tyres, and brakes are good, the bike will be exactly the same. Nothing will ever get out of whack.’

Only 61 bikes will be sold, 31 in ‘Blonde’ guise priced at £72,600 and 30 special editions finished in anodised black, priced at £76,200.

Confederate Motorcycle owners include Brad Pitt and David Beckham.