Corrupt Police Officer pleads guilty to stealing motorbikes

A corrupt police officer in the UK has pleaded guilty to stealing £16,000 worth of vehicles being stored in a police compound.
David Robinson, a 36-year-old Sergeant who works for the Metropolitan force has been sent to prison for 18 months for stealing five motorbikes, three pushbikes and a BMW car.
Robinson covered his tracks by updating police documents and the DVLA with false information.
The corrupt officer’s colleagues became suspicious of him after a couple of stolen bicycles were checked out by Robinson, and then later found during a search of his house.
Robinson pleaded guilty to eight thefts, five fraud offences and two counts of misconduct between May 10, 2013, and July 6, 2015, and is currently suspended from his job.
Judge Anthony Pitts said: ‘This is a very unhappy situation for everyone: for you of course, for your family it’s a very sad situation to face and it’s an unhappy one for the court to have to sentence a police officer and a sergeant for serious criminal offences. It’s sad for the public as well.