Honda Tease 'Neo Sports Cafe' Project

It's not long now before all those promising 2018 models are unveiled at this year's Milan Show, and that means teasers, teasers and more teasers. This time it's Honda's N.S.C project.

This 31 second video about Project N.S.C (Neo Sports Cafe) gives very little away. It's another stylishly shot piece, showing us designers scultping clay tanks and drawing up lines.

Mixed in there is the sound of what might be an inline-four at idle, and a very brief shot of the engine, which is enough to reveal that it's liquid-cooled.

Bets are then, it's nothing to do with the CB1100. In fact with a name like Neo Sports Cafe it might not be retro styled at all.

The final shot shows off a round LED headlight and indicators, set up on flat bars. We'll get the full reveal November 6th.