Kawasaki To Reveal New Supercharged Bike at EICMA

One thing we are definitely excited for at this year's EICMA, is Kawasaki's promise of a new supercharged motorcycle. 

Like all these other teasers, the video doesn't give away much other than confirming a supercharged bike.

What we do get, along with all the fancy graphics, is the iconic chirping sound that we all remember from the H2 missile.

What's interesting here is the ‘supercharge your journey’ slogan, which - with the already bonkers H2 - could signal a supercharged tourer is on the way?

The style of the video certainly suggests it - the engine isn’t being ridden that hard and there's those winding mountain roads to consider.

Superchargers make a lot of sense on motorcycles, since manufacturers are alway keeping an eye on improving performance and economy figures on the back of Euro emissions regulations getting ever tighter.

Kawasaki always said the supercharger on the Ninja H2 would be used on other bikes and if this video is anything to go by, we are in for something special.