Kawasaki Reveal Ninja H2 SX Sports Tourer

kawasaki ninjah2sx

KAWASAKI's new supercharged sports-tourer, the Ninja H2 SX is here.

It's been three years since the supecharged monster chirped its way onto the block, and building on the platform now, Kawasaki have brought us a second generation balanced supercharged engine.'

Kawasaki claim the H2 SX has the ‘excitement and characteristic power delivery’ of a 200hp engine, but now retuned for sports-tourer use, making the new Ninja H2 SX the ‘ultimate’ machine of the class, the firm says.

We haven't got all the specs yet, but Kawasaki says the second-generation super-charged engine was developed for ‘real-world street use, offering a sensational linear power output in the low-mid-range’.

The H2 SX is redesigned for long-distance riding, offers better fuel efficiency than the Z1000SX, and has a rider-aids package including an inertial measurement unit, cruise control and Kawasaki ‘Cornering Management Function’.

The trellis frame has a payload limit of 190kg, which should deal perfectly well with a pillion and panniers and a ‘longer wheelbase’ was adapted to unleash the full fury of the engine with ‘stability and confidence at high speeds’.

ninja h2 sxse

Kawasaki also revealed a deluxe version, the Ninja H2 SX SE edition, which includes added extras like a TFT dash, cornering adaptive lights and an up/down quick-shifter.



The Japanese firm said: ‘Leave everything you thought you knew about sports touring behind with the supercharged Ninja H2 SX. Surge across continents, along autobahns and through mountain passes. Go further, go faster. Ninja H2 SX – Supercharge Your Journey.’

If you insist.