KTM Freeride 250F Review


Sophie McGinn headed to Wales and the Ady Smith KTM Enduro Experience Off-road School to test just how easy it is to ride the new KTM Freeride 250 F. 

New for 2018, the Freeride 250F is KTM’s approachable off-roader for the beginner and amateur trail rider.
The first Freeride came out in 2012, starting its life off as a 350 4-stroke. A year later came the 2-stroke 250 and now for 2018, the new 250F is back to being a 4-stroke engine.

The new bike has been completely redesigned. The engine is more compact - around 20mm shorter - and the frame has been adjusted for it. The 250F gets a deeper head-stock and firmer, steeper head angle, which makes it steer faster but also gives it more strength.

The whole profile of the bike is nice and flat, which is why it looks like an enduro crossed with a trials machine.
The 250F knocks out 20.5hp at the rear wheel, but with some KTM powerparts you can add in traction control and a map switch which will boost it to 26hp.

KTM kept stressing that the Freeride is still good for those who have experience and want a fun crossover bike to hit some trails, but it is designed mainly to be approachable for beginners.


Sophie, who falls into the latter, found the 250F was lightweight (98.5kg), agile and as a 4-stroke, much less aggressive than its 2-stroke cousins, making it much easier to handle.

The improved WP explore front fork and shock offer more confidence in the ruts and on the shale paths, and Sophie even found herself tacking rocky ridges she never would have otherwise attempted.

The Freeride 250 F has plenty of ground clearance, but also comes with a slightly lower seat height than others in its class. At just over 900mm stock, there’s an optional kit that can lower it by 25mm, which Sophie was thankful for, despite spending most of her time standing up.

The footpegs are also adjustable - the position can be moved 8 mm back - letting you fine-tune the traction and cornering behaviour of the bike. It’s a touch that gives the 250F more versatility.

At £6599, the Freeride 250F comes in at about a grand less than some of its rivals. If you really want test it out, head over to Ady’s school in Wales; he’s got one ready to go in his fleet.