Santa Claus Dressed Motorcyclist Chases Down Hit And Run Driver

A French motorcycle Youtuber dressed as Santa Claus chased down a car through Paris' streets after witnessing a hit and run accident.

The Reno Clio driver knocked over a civilian at a zebra crossing, before driving off. 

The French youtuber known as Chris-RS, caught the accident on his helmet cam and chased down the Reno Clio driver, catching up to him at a crossroads, before giving the car a good few kicks.

Then the YouTuber has a stroke of luck: he spots a couple of police officers on bikes and gets their attention before leading them back through the traffic to the suspect. They then arrest the driver.

Chris wrote, on his YouTube: "I'm always there when there's action. It was a good day, I put on my Santa costume for a new video. People were happy to see me dressed like that and say hello. The dramatic scene  happens at Place Vendôme. I had to try to stop this person.

He added the person who was run over "is recovering without much harm".