Suzuki's "Cafe Racer Inspired" SV650X Pricing Revealed

sv650x 5

Suzuki seem to be keeping a close hold on their cards this year, with relatively few new models for the 2018 lineup. One bike that we have seen though, is the so called SV650X,  a "cafe-racer" repackage of the popular SV650.

Given a bit of a "neo-retro" makeover, the SV650X gets a new bikini fairing, tinted screen, ribbed seat and clip-on bars.

Suzuki SV650X 0

It also gets a new pre-load adjustable fork, but then so does the base-model SV650 for 2018.

If all that doesn't sound very exciting, we understand, but if you do like the new look, it's actually pretty reasonably priced. The SV650X will come in at £5,999 (or otherwise known as six grand). 

sv650xa bd7 right

Essentially the new parts come in at £300 more expensive than the base SV. That does make it far more reasonable than some of the other typical café racer prices;£8,800 for Triumph’s Street Cup and £9,395 for Ducati’s Scrambler Café Racer. Then again, you don't get much in the way of style for the price.

If we are talking budget middleweight standards, the SV650X it’s still competitive; Kawasaki’s Z650 and Yamaha’s MT-07 both cost £6,199.

The SV650 is still a nice all-round bike and the SV650X repackage will still make around 76hp from its 645cc V-twin. 

Or, you could always get an old SV650 and use it as a project bike like this one by Claymoto:

claymoto suzuki sv650 cafe racer 1