London Moped Thieves Post Twitter Video While Stealing a Police Bike

police bike

Of all the bikes for thieves to go after, you might think they would avoid nicking a police one. Apparently not where London is concerned.

A video is circling on Twitter shows scooter-riding thieves in the act of stealing a police BMW R1200RT.

The video was tweeted by @MotorcycleTheft, an account which regularly shares footage of bike thefts. According to the tweet, incredibly, the thieves were the ones who originally filmed the video. Stupidity knows no bounds.

It's unclear where exactly the theft took place, but a reply from a user who calls themselves a ‘police biker’ said the BMW was parked and unattended, with the key removed from the ignition, when the moped thieves pushed it away.

It was 'recovered a short time later', according to the tweet.