Zero DS ZF14.4 2018

The electric motorcycle boffins over at Zero have expanded their model lineup with a new version of its learner-legal DS model that can now go double the miles between charges.

The dual-sport has double the battery capacity, at 14.4kWh, and a full recharge time of nine hours and 48 minutes plugged into a domestic socket. 

An optional ‘power tank’ further increases battery capacity, boosting the range to 203 city miles or 97 on the motorway. Still not up to scratch for most tank ranges, but could be a good option for inner city riding. 

There's also an optional ‘charge tank’, which makes it possible to use public electric vehicle recharge points and reduces the full-charge time to two-and-a-half hours.

Zero DS ZF14.4 2018

The new Zero DS ZF14.4 is learner legal due to its power output continuously over a given range, which is 11kW, or 15hp. Max power can be set to 59hp, but over a shorter range.

Maximum torque is 80lbft, which is technically more than a Ducati 959 Panigale.

The new Zero DS ZF14.4 costs £13,690, or £12,190 with the £1,500 government grant for low-emission vehicles.

Umberto Uccelli, managing director of Zero Motorcycles Europe, said: “The longer-range 11kW Zero DS meets a growing demand from Europeans who carry standard car, or A1 motorcycle, licences and seek an exciting, new, dual sport experience.

“With twice the battery and fast charge options, the range and recharge capabilities of this new model will transform the daily transportation of a growing number of drivers and riders into a pure, powerful, and effortless, experience.”