Kawasaki's Three-Wheel Concept Bike Is Like Something Out Of Tron

Yamaha might have been stirring the pot with their Niken three wheeler, but three years ago Kawasaki showed us their own three-wheel bike concept. And now, they are reminding us of it. 

The ‘J Concept’, published on the firm's US YouTube channel, shows their vision of a futuristic, tron-like, electric three-wheel motorcycle. 

Kawasaki three wheel

Like the Yamaha Niken, the J Concept leans to simulate motorcycle-like handling, with the addition of a third wheel contact patch for enhanced grip. But, that's where the similarities end. 

The 'J Concept' is a sleek, Sci-Fi style bike, with inverted handle-bar grips that are individually controlled. It also has the ability to transform its ergonomics, switching from "Attack" mode, that has a sleek low to the ground profile, to an "Upright" easy going city riding position. 

Of course, this is all a concept rendering, and production of a bike like this is a long way off, but it is interesting to see what Kawasaki are thinking could be the future. If it goes fast and handles well, we're more than happy to give it a ride. Can't say we'd look as sleek on it though.