London Mayor Urges Manufacturers To Make Bikes Harder To Steal

motorcycle thief

LONDON Mayor Sadiq Khan has urged motorcycle manufacturers to increase measures to "design out" motorcycle theft.

The Mayor shared his opinions with several manufacturers including representatives from Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, BMW and Piaggio in a meeting at City Hall centred around moped crime.

During the discussions, the Mayor suggested manufacturers must take more responsibility for public safety by making their vehicles harder to steal.

The Mayor said: “It is essential that the manufacturers step up to help us tackle this problem at the source. Put simply, the design of motorcycles make them far too easy to steal and this must be dealt with head-on at the point of design if we are to rid our streets of these crimes.”

Mr Khan suggested that anti-theft measures should be part of motorcycle design and that a scheme should be in place to retro-fit security devices to existing models.

According to the London Mayor’s Office, 14,000 motorcycles were stolen in the capital last year, while a further 23,430 crimes were committed using motorcycles, a 163% increase on the year before.

Met Territorial Policing Commander Julian Bennet said: “We welcome any initiatives that make stealing these vehicles as hard as possible to curtail the criminal actions of these offenders. This includes working with industry, manufacturers, insurance companies and the motorcycle industry association to identify what can be done to prevent theft and to see what theft prevention measures can be designed into these vehicles for the future.”