Honda Works The High Street With Forever 21 And 80s Raceway Inspired Threads


It's not uncommon for motorcycle manufacturers to partner with high end fashion brands to create their own looks. Triumph did it with Barbour, Diesel with Ducati, but, even so, this one is a little bizarre.

In a new collaboration, Honda have partnered with US high street retailer, Forever 21, to produce a line of bold, brightly coloured, 1980s-style graphics on their cropped cuts.


According to fashion trend forecasters, it's all about 80s racetrack themes, which are apparently in right now, and Forever 21 have looked for authenticity by partnering with Honda.

Forever 21 is a US retailer, that operates in the same sort of space as Topshop. So, no these tees aren't designed for bikers in the slightest. 


The tee-shirts, which feature those bold 80s style graphics, are priced around $16 (£11.40) with hoodies from $28 (£20).


There are only three Forever 21 stores in the UK, one in London, Birmingham and Liverpool, and currently the range is only available in the US - for the moment.

Believe it or not though, as part of the marketing, US buyers are even in with the chance of winning an actual Honda, just by sharing images of the new clothes on Instagram.

We aren't so sure how this will help sell motorcycles, but be prepared to see people who know nothing about bikes wearing tees about bikes. Sort of like when you see someone wearing a Nirvana tee without any idea who the band are.