Carole Nash Wants To Bring Google Maps "Motorcycle Mode" To UK

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Ever thought that Google Maps needs a motorcycle functionality for its route mapping? Well, insurance broker Carole Nash is on your side.

It might come as no surprise that time estimates shown on Google maps are inaccurate to bikers, since according to the Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations (FEMA), commuting on motorcycles within large European cities can be up to two-thirds quicker than the same route taken by a car.

But, head over to India and open up Google Maps and you'll get the option of a "motorcycle" mode for your route planning.

Introduced late last year in India, the new function works to find the best, most efficient route for a motorcyclist to get to a destination.

It provides customised parking, traffic and arrival time estimations and uses routes which aren't accessible to larger vehicles.

Carole Nash have started an online petition to bring the function to Britain, detailing studies that prove commuting on two-wheels helps to reduce congestion.

The petition, which is targeted at Google and Google Maps, has received 420 signatures so far.

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) is backing the campaign, with CEO Tony Campbell telling Inside Bikes:

"MCIA fully supports the call for Google Maps to introduce powered two-wheeler journey times. Car journey times just aren’t accurate for riders or powered two-wheelers as they cut through rush hour congestion in the time you would expect to move in free-flowing traffic. This has been confirmed through a series of City Challenges in many European cities, including several in the UK."

To sign the petition online click here.