Ducati SuperSport Launch Report

Ducati are marketing the new SuperSport as the most versatile and easy to ride sports bike you can find. And after a day spent on the Monteblanco circuit, we think they might just be on to something.

In a time when sports bikes are leaning further towards track weapons, the SuperSport has come out as the perfect middle ground bike for road riders. It’s a bit like an SV650, that it’s a little less powerful than those 1000ccs, but even the most amateur riders can get something out of it. 

The SuperSport has the same 937cc Testastretta engine as the Multistrada 950, producing the same 113bhp, but with reworked crank cases, throttle body and the engine now part of the frame, it feels stiffer, lighter and more responsive. The more relaxed riding position thanks to handlebars on risers also make it a doddle to throw around. It’s almost effortless to steer in and the bike performs no matter how hard you push. For riders who are looking for a more forgiving ride than some of the 1000cc sports bikes, the SuperSport ticks the boxes.

Much like all Ducatis these days there’s a solid electronics package. Three levels of ABS and eight levels of traction control including various rider modes; sport, touring and urban. Sport and touring maintain the same power with only slight tweaks to delivery, while urban reduces it and makes the bike easier to handle around town.

Landing in dealers in the next couple of weeks, you get the choice of the SuperSport for £11,495 or SuperSport S for £12,795. Both bikes have the same 113bhp, but the S gets the 48mm Ohlins fully adjustable titanium nitrate front forks and rear along with a quick shifter and seat cowl. Both bikes do get the Brembo full spec brakes; 320mm front and 265mm rear which run on the superb Pirelli Diablo Rosso IIIs.

It’s definitely not a sports tourer, but the fact it’s easy and enjoyable to ride while being a little more forgiving and comes with the option of a huge array of accessories, makes the SuperSport one of the best all-rounders to date.